What to Expect

Psychological Assessment and Treatment Services, LLC
We understand you may have some fears and apprehension about counseling in general. This is normal. We’ve outlined what you can expect below to help ease your concerns and answers some of your questions:

  • Friendly Staff

    When you call our office to schedule your first appointment, you will be greeted by our friendly front desk office staff. They will obtain your personal information such as name, address and telephone phone number.

  • Convenience

    We will attempt to offer an appointment that is convenient to you.

  • Paperwork

    You will have an opportunity to complete our new client paperwork before arriving for your appointment, or, you can fill them out 15 min before your first session.

  • Appointment Flexibility

    Sessions are typically 50 minutes once a week, but we can schedule more than once a week depending on the issues. That decision will be made on a case by case basis in conjunction with your therapist.

  • Inclusion of Others

    Depending on the issues, your spouse, partner and/or children may be included in the sessions.

  • Systems Approach

    When working with children and adolescents, we work very closely with parents or caregivers using a “systems approach” to family counseling.

  • Gathering of Information

    During the first few sessions our focus will be on gathering information and understanding your problems. We often use a number of tools to accomplish this. When working with children, we gather information from parents, caregivers and teachers using the Behavior Assessment Scale for Children (BASC-2). With adults, we may use a questionnaire that helps us understand the symptoms you are experiencing.