E-Counseling / Online Therapy

  • Has dealing with life becoming challenging?
  • Are you suffering from depression or anxiety?  Having family or relationship problems?
  • Do you have concerns over your child’s academic performance or worried they may have learning problems?  Does your child or teen have ADHD?
  • Is it difficult to get to a professional office appointment?
  • At Pats Consultants we can schedule a safe, secure online counseling/e-counseling session with a Licensed Professional (State of Florida only) in the privacy of your home or office via laptop or other remote device.

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What is Online therapy (Online Counseling, e counseling, skype counseling, tele-behavioral health)?

It is therapy that is delivered through the internet.  The availability of new technology and platforms has made the delivery of internet based counseling, therapy or (psychotherapy) easier.

E counseling (Online Therapy, Counseling) is helpful for people who are looking for guidance in solving everyday problems.  It can offer support more quickly and easily for some clients who find it hard to schedule traditional office based appointments while coordinating time off from work, family, or arranging child care.

Online counseling is recommended for short-term treatments, self-help interventions, and cognitive behavioral treatments.  This form of counseling (e counseling) can be used for treating symptoms of depression, anxiety, panic disorders, stress and relationship difficulties.

At Pats Consultants, we have been researching for the past year what is the best platform and technology to bring this rapidly growing form of therapeutic help (e counseling, online therapy/counseling) to our clients.

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