Ohiana Torrealday, Psy.D.

Ohiana Torrealday, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Ohiana Torrealday, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist that provides comprehensive mental health services to children, adolescents and their families. She specializes in both treatment and psychological evaluations with extensive experience with high-risk populations in a variety of settings, including work with incarcerated adults and juveniles in detention settings, in-patient treatment facilities, as well as with the community based care services.  She has held academic appointments in the Department of Psychiatry and training appointments in the Professional Psychology Internship Department at the University of Texas.

Sylvie Sylva, B.S.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Intern

Sylvie Silva is a Master’s Candidate and Clinical Mental Health Counseling Intern from Argosy University. She is a Person-Centered clinician with a focus on Gestalt/Mindfulness Techniques. Sylvie is non-judgmental, compassionate and authentic in her counseling approach. Being an avid nature lover, Sylvie draws many of her counseling techniques from Wilderness and Somatic Therapy. Additionally, Mrs. Silva is a seasoned Middle School educator and has familiarity with the various struggles of adolescent years. She is well equipped to see child and adolescent clients as well as to coach and support their parents. You can expect a warm, creative, and fun environment when you come to session with Sylvie.

Michelle Rexach, MA

Licensed School Psychologist

Michelle Rexach, MA is a licensed school psychologist by the Florida Department of Health.  She is a graduate from InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico. Beginning with her internship in 1997, she has close to 20 years experience testing students of all ages for common school concerns, such as: learning disorders, ADD/ADHD, autism, giftedness and twice exceptional students. Rexach has been mobile throughout the state of FL since 2007, exposing her to a very large sample and range of learning exceptionalities. She is a fervent advocate for student rights and the obtainment of adequate accommodations in the educational system.


Dr. Charles Carballo, Psy.D.

Psychology Resident

Charles Carballo, Psy.D is a bilingual (English, Spanish) therapist who provides a non-judgmental environment focusing on strengths, solutions and goals. He prepares clients to move in a new direction using an integrated approach comprised of compassion, creativity and humor.

“Children, adolescents and adults need to be heard and feel connected. My role as a bilingual (English, Spanish) therapist is to be an active partner providing a non-judgmental environment focusing on your strengths, solutions and goals, thus readying you to move in a new direction. I provide an integrated approach in a warm and supportive setting with compassion, creativity and humor.”