Under the best circumstances, the immigration process can be challenging and stressful.  Sometimes the process can bring up old traumas and emotional wounds.  For many immigrates, the evaluation maybe the first time that they are encountering a mental health professional and receiving care. At Psychological Assessment and Treatment Services, we are here to help you successfully navigate the immigration evaluation process.

Dr. Odio knows from first-hand experience the challenges that immigrant families face. “My family came to the US from Cuba in the 1960’s. That is why I am committed to helping families and individuals faced with immigration issues. I believe that immigrants should be able to receive comprehensive, ethical, and thorough mental health assessment from compassionate and highly skilled clinicians.”

At Psychological Assessment and Treatment Services we offer the following kinds of immigration evaluations.

Type of EvaluationDescription
Hardship waivers (601 & 601A)This evaluation is for individuals seeking waivers on grounds of inadmissibility. They focus on hardship to qualifying family members who are US citizens or lawful permanent residents
Cancellation of RemovalThis type of evaluation is for clients who are in the process of removal proceedings who seek relief from the immigration court.
AsylumThis evaluation is for individuals who have been persecuted or fear future persecution in their country of origin.
Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)This is for individuals (women, men, or children) who have suffered substantial harm and/or abuse at the hands of a US citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR).
U VisaThis evaluation is for clients who have been a victim of a qualifying crime within the United States and cooperated with authorities and the investigation.

The Immigration Evaluation Includes:

  • A thorough biopsychosocial history.
  • Behavioral observations and interpretations.
  • Clinical assessment, interpretation of symptoms, and DSM 5 diagnoses (if applicable) obtained through the administration of validated symptom screening tools and severity measures to support clinical diagnoses.
  • Culturally sensitive de-stigmatization of symptoms and referrals for ongoing treatment, as indicated.
  • Excellent, professionally written report to support clinical findings.

We strive to offer Compassion for all people, all experiences, and for the diverse ways that humans cope with adversity.

We believe that the cost for thorough clinical assessment should be affordable. The cost of our evaluations range depending on the complexity of what is required between $750 – $1250.00.

Evaluations can be performed virtually through our Telehealth platform or in-person. We serve clients in the State of Florida.

Evaluations are performed by Licensed bilingual clinicians (English/Spanish).

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for a consultation, please call 888-666-3089  or contact us: