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Psychological Assessment and Treatment Services, LLC has been wonderful in helping our family through a difficult divorce.  They treated our  family with the highest level of care.

Tampa, FL

We first came to P.A.T.S, more specifically Dr. Odio, a few years ago for help for our autistic teenage daughter. Our daughter had always had issues, but she was then experiencing very high daily anxiety, along with intense OCD behavior. Her quality of life had dramatically decreased and the whole family was feeling the negative effects.

Upon the first few meetings Dr. Odio had with our daughter, we began noticing progress. She started learning ways to manage her anxiety and OCD behaviors. She helped our daughter with these techniques and also taught our family how we could help her at home. Dr. Odio also helped with resources and other doctors that could help.

Although we have now moved and are no longer able to go to Dr. Odio, she has continued to be of help to our family. She assisted in finding resources in our area for our daughter and also to just check in on her to make sure she was doing well. Our daughter is now attending college and is about to begin her semester with a class in public speaking! She is living her life without the constant stress of anxiety and compulsive behavior.

We would highly recommend Dr. Odio as caring, intelligent professional. She is not only interested in helping the individual but she also helps the family as a whole. She has definitely impacted our family. We are not sure where we would have been without her.

Thank you Dr. Odio!

Tampa, FL